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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a New Phone System

Running a successful business takes much more than just hard work and determination. There are dozens of things that must be considered, from balancing the books to marketing to hiring and retaining excellent employees. Perhaps one of the most important components of a business today is harnessing the power of technology to increase productivity, develop a more professional image and provide a competitive edge. A virtual phone system can do all this and more for your business. Here are five reasons you should upgrade to a new phone system today.

Better communication

Many small business owners rely on their cell phones to handle a good deal of their business exchanges with clients and suppliers. But mobile technology can be sketchy at best, with inconsistent coverage areas often resulting in dropped calls. Additionally, traditional phone systems often lack important features like auto-attendant and call forwarding, resulting in frustrated customers and missed sales opportunities. Important business communications should be handled on a higher, more reliable level. A virtual phone system allows your customers to always reach you, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and productivity.


Who cares if your small business consists of only three employees? Having a virtual phone system with an 800 number will instantly boost your business up to the same level as your competition, regardless of size and let customers know you are professional, not just a mom and pop operation. Plus, providing customers with a toll free way to get ahold of you increases your credibility and reach, making your business accessible to people from just about anywhere.


Great news - your business is growing! Unfortunately with old phone systems, adding a new employee or making changes can often be difficult and expensive. Virtual phone systems, on the other hand, allow you to easily create more lines, add extensions, and set up voicemail quickly and efficiently. Moving to another town? Your new phone system with your 800 number will also make the move seamless for your customers and help your business remain consistent.


No need to be tied to the office anymore. With a new virtual phone system, you and your employees will have the freedom to go out into the field and meet with clients, close sales deals and network while still being accessible to your existing customers. Features like find me/follow me allow you to route calls to any phone, anywhere. When your customers know they can reach you any time they need you, their satisfaction will increase, and they will be much more likely to refer you to their friends and family. Additionally, virtual phone systems can be easily managed online. Check your messages, run reports, change your account settings. You can manage your entire system from anywhere with internet access.

Cost savings

The sophistication of a virtual phone system can mean significant cost saving for your business. No more installing and maintaining expensive phone lines and systems. You can now run your entire phone system online, saving you time and money. Additionally, with valuable features like professional call handling and call routing, you no longer have to worry about hiring a receptionist to handle incoming calls.

Competing in the business world today involves running your business in the most efficient way possible while also providing your customers with the highest level of satisfaction possible. A new virtual phone system will place your business on the same professional level with larger competitors, provide accessibility for your clients, and offer convenience and cost savings for you.

posted by Evan @ 9:24 AM