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Health Tip of the Week: Swap Your Cup-of-Joe for a Cuppa 'Gin'-seng

Running a business is a consuming affair that will run you down if you can’t replenish fast enough. Chances are, in order to keep ahead of the race, you’re hooked up to a life-support of highly caffeinated drinks and energy bars.

But the tricky thing with your favorite cup of Joe, apart from the roller-coaster plunge that follows the 'high' (and those stained teeth that mess up your smile), is that the effect tends to weaken if consumed regularly.

In other words, you’ll do much better having that crisp dark roast when you really need it rather than every morning with your runny eggs.

Stuffing those sugar bars isn't really advancing your cause either. Sure, they may keep your energy up and your stomach settled—but the insulin spike is again followed by a steep crush, and what you don’t feel now in your stomach you’ll later find in your hips.

So if you want to cut back on those visits to your dentist and the quarterly trips to your local Old Navy outlet, here's a great alternative.

American Ginseng (or Panax quinquefolius) is a root that’s been used by the Chinese for centuries. Its abilities to replenish the adrenal glands, reduce stress, and counteract fatigue have been thoroughly documented by both western clinical studies and anecdotal evidence.

It can be prepared and consumed in different forms, but most commonly dried and flaked or crashed and brewed in tea. A pinch-full of 5-7 flakes will reignite your energy in minutes and keep you up and ticking like that pink Energizer Bunny—only without the side-effects of crushes, mental-haze, or those silly ears.

American Ginseng does have a tendency to cool the body slightly. If you find this gives you a discomfort, you might prefer to use its cousin, Red Ginseng (Panax ginseng), which shares the same potent attributes without the cooling effects.

Here’s to keeping healthy while growing wealthy!

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 8:55 AM