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Tired of Playing Phone-Tag with your Customers? A Virtual Phone System is a Whole New Game!

We all know how it goes. They call you. You call back. They leave a message. You record a voicemail. And round and round you go. This may have been fun as kids, but by now the whole thing must start feeling a bit juvenile...

If you’re ready to leave the kiddie table and come sit with the grownups, we’ve got a whole new game for you.

It’s called A Virtual Phone System.

Chances are, just hearing the words ‘Phone System’ conjures hellish visions of mega-expensive hardware and extortionistic setup fees threatening to leave both you and your spouse without an undergarment. But before you start sweating off your Calvin-Kleins, let it be said that technological advances over the past decade have taken the entire field to a whole a new level, and that today’s virtual systems are a far-cry from those old clunkers that got you all worried about her Victoria's Secrets.

(You may want to check the article ‘A Fortune 500 Customer Calling Experience that Won’t Cost your Company a Fortune’ for some background on what makes virtual PBX phone systems so cost-effective.)

But even though decidedly cheaper, a virtual PBX packs all the features you’ve grown to expect from their physical granddaddies—and more. Now let’s see how these can help you do away with that old phone-tag routine.

For starters, a virtual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ensures that your customers get an answer 24/7 and immediately transferred to the right department. This beats getting that perpetual ringing tone or coming to a heads-on collision with some general voicemail.

The ability to review detailed call-logs by department ensures that no caller goes unchecked, making sticky-pads and tear-out sheets a thing of the past.

Going virtual also means that your system travels with you no matter where you are, so customers can always reach you. You won’t ever worry about letting a sale slip by unnoticed or desperate cries for help go unanswered.

Most providers offer unlimited extensions, so you can use the one landline you already own to outfit your entire team. Some, like Synclio, even offer a Live Answering service for a small additional fee, so when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or worried that you might not be available to take calls, you can always trust them to give your customers that extra human touch.

These are just a few of the ways a virtual PBX phone system can make child-play a thing of the past, giving you the confidence to join the grownups for a hairy game like Monopoly.

Now let Synclio make you a winner!

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 2:39 PM