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Use Synclio’s Virtual PBX with Google Voice

Not too long ago we blogged that you can Use Synclio’s Virtual PBX with a Skype Number. What we forgot to mention (or perhaps held back intentionally to squeeze out another blog post *evil smile*) is that the same applies to Google Voice.

Simply use your Google Number when setting up the service, and Synclio will automatically treat it as it does any other landline or cell-phone number. This lets you enjoy all the awesome features of Synclio’s virtual PBX while taking full advantage of Google’s cheap VoIP service. Wait—did I just say ‘cheap’? Scratch that—I meant to say ‘Free'

Google Voice offers free calling in the US and Canada (at least until the end of 2011) and ultra-low rates to all other destinations across the globe, rivaling even those offered by Skype.

At the very least, this should pique your interest. We’re not only talking about empowering you to give major telecoms the boot, we’re talking about challenging the most renowned VoIP telephony provider to date!

This may be fast turning into a phone-eat-phone world full of cut-cord competition—but hey, as consumers, we only stand to gain from seeing a good dog-fight!

So seat back, enjoy the show, and reap the benefits—starting with a brand new virtual PBX phone system from Synclio with free VoIP calling courtesy of Google Voice.

Now that's sweet!

To learn more about the common features of a virtual phone system, check out our 'Anatomy of a Virtual Phone System: What’s in it, and why you need it?'

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 11:49 AM