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Synclio’s Youtube Channel Goes Live with a Brand New Video!

Great news everyone!

Synclio’s Youtube channel just went live, and we’ve got a brand new video to show for it.

Take Mamet’s storytelling, stir in some Hitchcockian suspense, Cameron clichés, and a squirt of artificial tears curtsey of everyone's favorite governor Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and you’ve got one incredible story about a virtual PBX system traveling back in time to stop the assassination of Larry Page and Sergey Brin (before they could even spell the word ‘Google’) by a giant fibre-optic cable fished down a wormhole when the evil telecoms realized without Google there could be no cloud, VOiP, or any such shenanigans...

Ok, I may have laid it a bit heavy there—but we do have some great stuff coming up!

Tune in to learn about cool new features, watch how-to videos, or just kick back and enjoy some quality entertainment. It may not be Terminator 5—but it sure beats the last two sequels!

Without further ado, here's the first video from Synclio:

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 2:16 PM