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New Code_Swarm Video Depicts Synclio's Software Project Evolution To-Date

If you've ever philosophized that the formation of a software product is somewhat akin to the formation of a micro-universe—with a big-bang that sets everything in motion and planets (or individuals) whose respective gravities start shifting particles to shape the world around them—you're going to love this neat demonstration!

Code_Swarm is the brain-child of Michael Ogawa, who's been studying human collaboration and communication in various software projects and designing tools to show them visually in a process called 'organic information visualization'.

Each of his videos tracks a given development project from infancy to maturity and—using simple letters and symbols to represent the developers and the files involved—depicts in acceleration a true overture movement of how it has evolved over time.

Since Synclio’s universe is still very young, the video is short and a little dim—but we look forward to seeing lots of bright sparks, letters, and colors lighting up the screen in coming months as our galaxy keeps expanding.


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posted by Maty Grosman @ 9:35 AM