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Let Your IVR Greet Clients with a Unique Mother’s Day Greeting This Coming Sunday!

Good customer service starts with a personal touch—small things that go a long way. It’s an indication that you’ve taken a moment out of your busy day to take notice of something different. That you are aware. That you care.

Different is special—and who doesn’t like special?

That’s why we love national holidays.

Now, you might think that an automated answering service is incapable of a ‘personal touch’—but that would be like saying that robots are incapable of feelings, and anyone who’s seen Spielberg’s A.I. knows better!

So here’s how your very own artificial intelligence (aka Auto Attendant) can respond in an intimate manner (with just a helpful nudge on your part):

Most virtual PBX systems should let you record and maintain a library of customized greetings to feed your IVR. So if you were to prepare a special message in advance, you could simply switch over to it when the appropriate day arrived—and that’s that. Simple, isn’t’ it?

You can prepare as many greetings as you like and be ready to meet any occasion.

It’s a small effort to show your customers that you care about going that extra mile to make them feel special.

Try it out this coming Mother’s Day!

(April 8th, just in case you’ve forgotten... don’t worry, we won’t tell ;)

Every mother is sure to smile upon hearing your greeting—and as for the rest of us kids, we’ll have a chance to dart out to the nearest flower store and, breathing a sigh of relief, call to say ‘of course I didn’t forget mom—how could I!’

In both cases, you’ll have a friend for life.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 7:41 PM