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We’ve got the Real Deal: True 800 Numbers Now Available!

Boy oh boy, are we excited!

You know when you were a kid and got this awful craving for cookies but there were no cookies in the jar—you ransacked the kitchen cupboards, combed through the drawers, nearly climbed the walls with madness, and just then, as desperation was starting to set in...jackpot!—you discovered mom’s secret stash? That’s how excited we are!

What are true 800 numbers?

True 800 numbers (for those that may have been frozen solid for the past century a la Mel Gibson in ‘Forever Young’) are toll-free telephone numbers that start with the original and much-sought-after ‘800’ prefix. Take Oil, Gold, Uranium, Plutonium, Avatar’s Unobtainium—yes, even cookies—mix them all into a single uber-scarce resource that would make a mermaid’s tear seem like an easy catch, and a true 800 number will still be harder to come by.

So why are we so excited? Because we’ve just managed to get our soiled little fingers into the secret stash and grab ourselves a handful of the real deal!

Why would I want one?

We discussed the differences between toll-free area codes in an earlier post and mentioned that, while all prefixes are equal from a utilitarian standpoint, people’s awareness and perception are a different story. We also mentioned that, while such possible differences are mostly negligible with newer codes, the one that clearly stands apart as an exception is the original 800 prefix. It simply has had three decades to saturate our culture and absorb the perceived prestige of major brands. So, whether we like it or not, people are naturally inclined to associate trust, credibility, and authority with a true 800 number more than with any other prefix.

Is it something that will make or break your company?

Probably not; it takes more than a fancy phone number to build a successful enterprise.

But is it something that can help a young company appear well-established and get more trust and credibility as a launchpad?

Very likely.

How do I get one?

If you’re already a customer, you can look up a true 800 number right from your dashboard. If you’re a newcomer, you’ll have to sign-up first—simply cruise over to our website and take advantage of our free trial offer or give us a call at 800.750.6878 and we’ll help set you up.

True 800 numbers will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, for $10/month.

Keep in mind that due to the limited supply we cannot guarantee availability.

Why do you charge a fee for true 800 numbers and not for any other toll-free code?

Scarcity and high-demand naturally tend to drive prices up—that’s just a fact of economics. We fought tooth-and-nail to grab a small share of true 800 numbers and bring choice to our customers. These numbers cost us significantly more than other toll-free prefixes, and so we simply have to pass on some of that added cost.

There are plenty of 888, 866, and 855 toll-free numbers available free of charge that most of our clients will find perfectly suitable. However, for those specifically interested in a true 800 number and willing to pay a small premium for it, we now also have that option.

Here's to the real McCoy!

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