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5 Tips for Improving Local Business

For brick and mortar businesses, the most important demographic is local residents. But times have changed, and traditional marketing methods like yellow page ads and radio spots are becoming a thing of the past. Not to worry – there are still plenty of ways a small business can successfully launch a “go local” campaign and drum up more business. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Get Involved – If you want the people who live in your area to notice your business, get involved and become active in the community. Join the Chamber of Commerce, volunteer at local events – make your presence known. Not only will this make your brand more visible, but it will also foster a sense of trust among local consumers.

Go Public – Local newspapers aren’t just for advertising – they are also an excellent tool for reaching out to your target audience. Write a guest column that offers some helpful tips or tricks, participate in a Q & A, or simply share your opinions with the editor for publication.

Give Back – People love a free event. Why not sponsor a night out for a wine tasting in your office, after hours, or volunteer your building for an upcoming Chamber of Commerce get together. These types of networking events allow people to mingle with others in the community and also score big points for your business for organizing and hosting the events.

Reward Your Customers – A great way to draw local clientele is by offering them a rewards program or some other type of incentive. The more they shop with you, the more they save or benefit, which builds brand loyalty with your existing customers and also attracts new business.

Join In the Fun – Most communities have annual events that draw people from miles around, such as festivals or other collaborative celebrations. Consider joining forces and participating in these shindigs, whether it’s setting up a booth or volunteering to help keep things running smoothly. The more you make your presence known, the more integrated your business will become as a strategic part of the community.

Driving local business often means getting creative with how you market, and it almost always means rolling up your sleeves and getting involved. These five simple tips will help you to become an integral part of your community and establish the trust and respect needed to land those clients and realize future success.

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 2:15 PM