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Using Your Virtual Phone System to Capture Leads

If you’re leveraging a virtual phone system for your business, you already know it’s a cost-effective tool to stay connected, look more professional and provide superior service to your clients, colleagues and prospects. Did you know that you can also use this tool as a way to generate more leads and boost sales? It’s simple – you just use recorded messages to help funnel your buyers through the process.

The first step is deciding on your message. Think about what you can offer to your prospects that would make them want to dial in and pique their interest enough to listen to the whole message. Perhaps product tips or helpful how-to information. You could even provide callers with advice on what they should consider before they make a purchase. The more value you offer, the better.

Next, you have to record your message. Use a script as a guideline and try to sound as comfortable and confident as you can. Nobody wants to listen to a robot spewing useless sales dribble. If you don’t feel confident enough to handle this part, ask someone else on your team or enlist the help of professional voice talent

Once the message is recorded, it’s time to distribute the unique number you have assigned to it. Not only will this direct callers to the exact information they’re interested in, but it will make measuring analytics much easier. 

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Recorded Messages:

Clearly communicate the value and deliver a call to action that will urge your prospects to pick up the phone and listen to your message.

Make it known that the message is recorded. Sometimes the thing that holds people back from inquiring on a particular product, service or special offer is the idea that they will have to deal with a pushy sales pitch. By letting your prospects know upfront that the number leads to a recorded message makes it much less invasive and overcomes that objection.

Offer them options. With unlimited extensions, you have the ability to offer your callers as many options as you’d like, which can help them narrow down their own selections and help you weed through to identify those prospects that are more inclined to buy. 

When it comes to generating leads and boosting sales in today’s competitive environment, it’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box. Now you can use your virtual phone system to do just that! It’s just one more way we’re helping businesses of every size realize their own success stories!

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 11:27 AM