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Industry Spotlight: Virtual Phone System for Real Estate Professionals

It’s hard to imagine a more mobile business than that of real estate. Whether it’s meeting with clients, showing properties or managing the sales and marketing of your business, to say you’re always on the go is an understatement. Staying connected and juggling all those duties can be a challenge. A virtual phone system can help in a number of ways, from keeping you organized to helping you improve the quality of your service to your clients. Let’s take a moment to consider just how beneficial a virtual PBX can be for real estate professionals.

First, and probably most importantly, virtual phone systems significantly reduce overhead costs. When you can make and receive calls from anywhere it eliminates the need for a physical office, which can be extremely costly. Whether you’re a one-person show or manage a team of agents, working remotely is a hugely cost effective option.

Virtual phone systems also improve both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Features like call forwarding and find me / follow me let clients get in touch with you wherever you are. They’re happy because they can reach you when they need you and you’ll never have to worry about missing a sales opportunity. For those moments that you simply can’t break away and answer that call, visual voicemail will deliver your messages right to your smartphone so you can view them right away without the hassle of having to dial in and retrieve them. Somebody ready to make an offer? You’ll be the first to know!

Another great feature of virtual PBX is the fact that you can get your own toll free number. This instantly provides you with a much more professional and trustworthy image – and everybody knows how important trust is when it comes to real estate deals. This is especially attractive for those running individual or smaller agencies because it allows you to compete with the larger firms.

Other features like robust phone trees and unlimited extensions are also excellent tools for real estate professionals because you can utilize them to save you time. For instance, you can set up extensions for each property you’re marketing so when callers dial in they get automated information about the specific property they’re interested in 24/7. Unlimited extensions also give you the freedom to grow your business and take on additional agents without having to incur additional costs.

Finally, virtual phone systems can help you to stay organized, a skill that’s critical to success in the real estate industry. Simply set up your IVR to better coordinate incoming calls and ensure that they’re routed to the right person every time. This improves efficiency and enhances the customer experience at the same time.

Busy real estate agents have to use every resource at their disposal if they are to be successful in such a competitive industry. Virtual phone systems provide a number of tools to help real estate professionals reduce costs and stay connected and organized so they can remain on top of their game.

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 8:08 AM