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5 Ways to Locate Big Talent in a Small Town

Being a small business in a small town can certainly have its charm and benefits, however it also often means having a much smaller pool of candidates to choose from when it comes to hiring staff. While this may be challenging, it’s not impossible to locate some big talent – as long as you know where to look and how to go about it. Here are five simple ways to attract quality, top-notch candidates to join your team.

Tap into your existing employees – If you’ve already got a few key employees that you trust, why not ask them if they know of someone else who might want to come on board? Offer a referral bonus to sweeten the pot and you might be surprised at the quality candidates you end up with.

Use social media – Aside from marketing your business, using social media can benefit you in other ways including getting the word out about a job opening you have. Post a link to your job listing on your company’s Facebook page and tweet about it on Twitter, asking other local fans and followers to share. The more word about your job spreads, the better your chances of finding the right person to fill it.

Attend or sponsor a local event – Check to see if there are any local events coming up in your community that might be good grounds to network and get the word out about your employment needs. Join a local job fair or sponsor a technical event to gain access to a wealth of eligible candidates.

Offer good benefits – Aside from salary, one thing prospective employees will be looking for is the benefits they’ll receive if they take a new job. In addition to health coverage, consider other things like discounted gym memberships, extra vacation time or even free lunch once a week. The more attractive the package, the better talent you’ll attract and the more likely you’ll be to retain that talent once you hire them.

Allow telecommuting – More and more businesses are shifting to a telecommuting or remote workforce for a number of reasons, particularly the cost savings. And with today’s mobile tools, like virtual phone systems, it’s becoming easier and more convenient to do so. Most employees would love the opportunity to work from home, which means they’ll find your job listing more attractive.

When your business is located in a small town, recruiting the right talent to help your company succeed can seem impossible. But if you use all the resources available to you and do a little thinking outside the box like with the tips provided here, it doesn’t have to be.

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 12:21 PM