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Protecting Your Business Online – 4 Tips for Better Cyber Security

The web is an incredible tool, especially for businesses. No longer are you held back by borders or forced to only do business with local customers. Now you can reach clients in the next state, across the country or around the globe from the comfort of your own office. Unfortunately, these benefits also come with certain risk - namely the possibility of a security breech, which can be financially devastating and is something most businesses can’t afford. That being said, here are four ways you can protect your business and make sure your online activity remains secure.

Don’t Reuse Your Passwords – With dozens of programs available for businesses today, it can be tempting to use the same or similar passwords for all of them. This is one of the easiest ways to put your business at risk because if a hacker manages to steal your information, they’ll instantly have access to every program you use, including your confidential employee or client database or even your financial accounts. Choose unique passwords and change them frequently. Also implement the same requirement for your employees to ensure they are also being careful with their information.

Update Software Regularly – You may be perfectly content with the way your software is performing for your particular business needs, but updates involve more than just enhanced features. They also often address security issues – flaws that can easily be exploited by those who are familiar with the shortcomings of previous versions. Things like your Windows operating system, web browsers, desktop applications, blogging platforms and any other software you use frequently should all be updated on a regular basis. Turn on automatic updates if and when available to make it easier to stay on top of everything and if need be, order updated versions of software when available.

Take Extra Precaution with Financial Accounts – Many business owners operate under the mistaken idea that their online banking activity is protected by their financial institution. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Be particularly diligent about protecting your banking and financial credentials because if they should fall into the wrong hands, you may very well find your accounts drained and with no recourse. Also, be wary of phishing campaigns that aim to collect your personal information and gain access to your accounts. Remember, legitimate financial institutions would never email you asking for your username, password or tax ID number. If you receive such a request, contact your bank directly.

Don’t Forget Your Mobile Devices – Most people are careful to protect their computers with anti-virus software and are diligent about not visiting or downloading from questionable websites. Yet many fail to consider the dangers that exist for mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. The increasing popularity of these convenient tools has made them a prime target for hackers and dangerous malware. Be careful what sites you visit using your mobile devices and only download applications from sources you can trust to avoid these risks.

At Synclio we’re all for embracing technology. After all, it’s what our innovative product is based on. But we also want you to be safe when you’re using the internet for your business. These four things should get you on the right track to protecting your important information and keeping your business safe on the web.

posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 3:14 PM