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Leveraging Your Virtual Phone System to Close the Sale

When it comes to being successful in business, regardless of industry, closing the sale means everything. Unfortunately, not everyone is a master salesperson, and not every small business owner has the budget to hire an expert sales team. The good news is you can actually leverage your virtual phone system to help reel in that big client and seal the deal – and for much less than it would cost to pay salaries for a sales team. Here’s how.

Superior Customer Care – What better way to endear a prospect to your brand than by providing them with the utmost in care and attention. A virtual phone system allows you to give your callers all of the options they need to reach who they want, when they need to, helping you to score a home run when it comes to customer satisfaction. When prospects see how well you treat them, they’ll want to give their business to you!

Access to Information – If a potential customer has to jump through 20 hoops and sit on hold for 10 minutes just to find out what your address is, chances are slim you’ll be hearing from them again any time soon. With features like IVR and custom greetings, you can provide your callers with important static information quickly and easily. Customers love hassle-free transactions!

Personalized Service – The truth is most consumers prefer personalized service from one, trusted salesperson. Virtual phone systems allow you to set up extensions for every member of your team, so that customers can always reach exactly who they want to speak with, without having to go through a slew of other people first, or having to talk to a new person every time they call. This personalized service will create brand loyalty and may even lead to some valuable word of mouth marketing as well!

Mobility – Any good salesperson knows that in order to truly be successful, you can’t be tied to a desk all day, just in case the phone rings. The mobility of a virtual phone system will free you up to focus on growing your business while also keeping you connected. Features like advanced call forwarding and find me / follow me let you make and receive calls anywhere, any time so you never have to worry about missing that important call.

Closing that big sale can be challenging no matter what industry you’re in. Successful salespeople use all of the tools available to them to get the job done. One such tool is a virtual phone system. Ready to see for yourself what one of these innovative systems can do for your business? Start your free trial today!

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 1:13 PM