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Synclio Just Got Better!

We know, you love us just the way we are—but that doesn’t mean we’re not working to keep getting better. So while you were busy enjoying our latest additions—SMSing your customers, viewing text transcripts of your voicemail messages, signing up local and toll-free numbers overseas, perhaps even treating yourself to a rare true 800 number—we’ve been busy preparing something bigger...

A New Release!

Not a complete redesign—more like tightening the nuts and bold on our present build—but with the addition of a glaring crown jewel. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

Here are the highlights:

  1. Voicemail now in Mp3. Previously, voicemail recordings were stored in WAV format. While the uncompressed nature of WAV offered the highest audio quality, we doubt anyone planned to break out their high-fidelity audiophile headset to check their messages. On the other hand, MP3s are both GMail and iPhone friendly, offering enhanced functionality and improved integration all around.
  2. Infinite File Uploads. It’s now official. There’s no cap on the number, length, or size of the files you can upload to your Synclio library. Written an amateur libretto and feel like incorporating it into your IVR menu? By all means, go right ahead... this might not be the best business decision you’ll ever make—but hey, we won’t stop you. We’ll even call to listen (and promise we won’t laugh...hard).
  3. Synclio voicemail replaces Carrier’s voicemail. Up till now, when a call was transferred to your mobile device and you didn’t pick-up, your carrier’s voicemail service automatically kicked-in. But we realize this wasn’t helping your branding efforts. So now the phone will ring trice, after which your Synclio voicemail greeting will play in lieu of your carrier’s automated message (if you’re using our Find Me/Follow Me feature, the call will continue rolling every three rings to the next number queued until completing the sequence and then transfer to your Synclio voicemail). This ensures a unanimous business front no matter where, when, or how customers try to reach you.
  4. IVR greeting loops (instead of hanging up). Ok, now this one might seem kind of obvious—but we all have our flops now and then. For some strange reason (that may or may not have to do with a programmer named Joe and his pet iguana) the IVR system played through the greetings once and then hung up instead of looping back again. We’ve corrected this little embarrassment and now all greetings will be leapin’ and loopin’ to infinity, so you can plug in and listen to your heart’s content (perhaps break out that audiophile headset and admire your own libretto).
  5. And lastly, the crown jewel—

  6. Integration with Google Analytics. We mentioned in the past what a powerful tool call stats can be and suggested one way you can leverage them to measure marketing performance, but that was just scratching the surface. Now, Google Analytics integration is here. As it stands, you’ll be able to see the date, time, and phone number to which a call has been placed. But our intention is to closely monitor performance and learn what items of data are of interest to you, our users, so as to progressively grow this feature and expand it based on input.

What about the future?

We’re not much for reading in the cards (nor for showing our hand, for that matter) and we do like the element of surprise—but we also know you must be eager to learn what lies ahead. So here’s a taste of things to come:

In the short term, we are working on a revamp of our backend (that’s YOUR dashboard) that will give you more control and versatility while allowing for a cleaner look. Our iPhone app is already functional and currently undergoes beta testing, so the day iUsers will be able to join our base of Androids and control the world with the tips of their fingers is near at hand.

As for the longer term, we have our sights on CRM integration. We can’t divulge any particulars at the moment least we’d have to kill you (and you, and definitely YOU at the back), but we’re very excited about the project and hope you will be, too!

So the future is bright here at Synclio, where we keep you synced to the virtual world.

Enjoy the improvements—and, as always, we’d love to hear what you think: about the updates, about our plans for the future, or about anything else that’s on your mind.

Drop us a line at

--Synclio out.

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 11:14 AM