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Planning a Holiday Party or Fundraising Event? Synclio Can Help!

It’s that time of year again when businesses everywhere are starting to think about planning a holiday party for their employees or organizing important fundraising events to help out in their local communities and larger charities. If you’ve ever done either of these things you know why it’s so important to plan ahead. Simply put, getting everything to come together can be a hassle. Synclio can help! Granted, we’re not going to show up and serve hors d'oeuvres (sorry), but we can help you stay organized so the planning goes smoothly.

Unique Number

Fielding regular business calls is enough work as it is. The additional influx of calls that an upcoming event can bring can cause a number of issues. Not only do you have a higher volume of calls to answer, but the increase can interfere with important business related calls. Assigning a unique number to your special event will help keep the event-related calls separate from your regular business communications.

Customized Greeting

Because you can set up your own custom greeting for the unique number you set up for your event, callers will know exactly what to do. Program your IVR so that callers can simply select “1” to RSVP that they are attending or “2” to decline. You can even include important details like date, time, address and directions to answer many of the common questions before anyone even has to answer.

Visual Voicemail

Most events require attendees to RSVP, but keeping track of every call can be tricky – especially those that require follow-up. Visual voicemail makes the process of tracking RSVP’s simple and organized, and lets you easily forward messages that need to be followed up on via email so that they are tended to accordingly.

Professional Voice Studio

With our voice studio option you can tap into professional voice talent to record your greetings and IVR instructions. Just provide us with the script you want us to use. You’ve got enough to worry about with all your event preparations. Let us do some of the work for you!

So, let’s sum it up, shall we? Here are just a few reasons you should use Synclio to help plan your upcoming event:

• Keep business lines free so important calls aren’t missed

• Easily and efficiently track RSVP’s

• Access, organize and address RSVP’s when it’s convenient for you

• Manage messages that require follow up

• No receptionist needed!

Once you’ve utilized all the valuable tools available to you with your Synclio account, you’ll never want to plan another event without us. Cheers!


posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 9:03 AM