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Call Tracking to Measure ROI – If Google’s Doing it, You Know it’s Good!

Now that Google is letting Adwords users track calls made to their business via‘click-to-call’ ads on mobile devices, there really can’t be any doubt that call tracking is an effective method of measuring ROI; after all—when did Google ever touch something that didn’t turn into gold (well, perhaps except for these few flops)?

And everything Google’s new tracking feature can help you learn about your online ads, our new tracking feature can extend into the offline world—from car bumpers, to radio ads, to billboards. Basically, wherever you can stick a phone number, we can track it!

How does it work?

Just as the folks at Google do with their Adwords ads, we’ll assign a different local or 1-800 number to each of your advertising sources (or every place you’d normally put your phone number). Now, when customers call a given number, we’ll be able to tell in no uncertain terms which ad they saw. Simple? You bet!

But how will I manage all those numbers?

Here’s the beauty. We use something called call transfer, which basically means that calls placed to any of those numbers will be transferred directly to your main business number—instantly. In fact, customers won’t even know the call was transferred in the first place (if you ever switched providers and used the number transferring service, you know just how seamless it is—a call is made to one number, and rings on another. That’s that!)

What information will I get?

At present, you’ll be able to see the date, time, and phone number for each call. That’s more than enough for the purpose of ROI (as you only really need to know the volume of calls per number), but we’ll continue building this service as we receive more feedback to make sure that it includes all the features our customers want and need!


Stop trying to guesstimate the performance of your ad dollars; guesswork is the prerogative of stockbroker and politicians who gamble with other people’s money. You, as a businessman, do not. So call us today and give call tracking a spin; it’s not like it’s going to cost you anything. And remember, if it’s good enough for Google...

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posted by Maty Grosman @ 7:55 AM