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Competing with the Big Dogs – 5 Ways Your Small Business can Land Big Clients

As a small business, competing with larger corporations can be intimidating. Admit it - in your heart and soul, you know that you can satisfy a client just as well, if not better, than your larger competition. But how can you actually accomplish this when your entire budget is the size of the big business’ CEO’s lunch tab? Don’t sweat it! Here are 5 simple ways you can land that big client and show those big dogs who’s boss.

Find a Need and Fill It

Oldest trick in the book, yet so many small business owners overlook it. If you can establish what it is that your competition is lacking most in terms of satisfying their customers and find a way to fix it, you’re in. Take the time to listen to what your target market is saying. Then, while the big boys are sitting in their posh offices unaware of what’s going on in the world of their customers, you’ll be able to step in and offer a solution worth switching to your company for.

Embrace Your Flexibility

As a small business, you have the distinct advantage of being able to adjust your sails when the market shifts. Big businesses are rarely able to carry out significant changes on a whim, but small businesses can! Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and make the necessary adjustments to capitalize.

Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Another oldie but goodie. Ever visit a big corporation’s website and find it overwhelming? Links to 50 different locations, pages for every product, service, etc.? It’s important to remember that most consumers value simplicity. They are naturally drawn to websites that are easy to navigate and simple to understand. Because your business is smaller in nature you are better able to focus on the end-user and develop interfaces that will impress them and win you more business.

Pay Attention!

The biggest problem most consumers have with big businesses is that they lack the personal touch and attention of smaller brands. When a customer has to email 6 different people to request information or voice a complaint, they’re inevitably going to get frustrated. The beauty of the small business is that it allows for a much higher level of customer care and service. Your customers will accept a smaller selection of products if it means they will be valued and treated with respect. Trust us on this one.

Make Your Presence Known

Just because you run a one man show out of your home doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself just as visible as your larger competition. Ever hear of a little thing called social media? By establishing an online presence and dedicating time and effort to increasing your visibility you can expand your reach exponentially. What was once a mom and pop local operation can easily be transformed into an international supplier. Seriously – with the internet, the sky is the limit.

~ Bonus ~

Of course we had to add that using a virtual phone system can help you compete with larger organizations by helping to create a more professional image for your company. And, coincidentally, we happen to know a great company that can help you with that (hint, hint).

Ok, self-promotion aside, the truth is, when it comes to business bigger isn’t always better. On the contrary, small businesses offer much greater customer support and service and can provide a more personalized experience to their clientele. Be proud of who you are as a small business owner, put these valuable tips to use and start reaping the benefits.


posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 10:09 AM