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Using Unlimited Extensions to Create a Unique Personalized Client Experience

We typically point out the benefits of Synclio’s unlimited extensions by showing small business owners how they can create a larger image for their company and give customers more options when they call. It also helps to ensure that calls coming in are directed to the right party. But there are other ways this feature can help your business. For instance, you can flip that concept around and make every call a more personal experience for your valued clients.

It’s simple.

Assign a unique extension to each client.

(Told you it was simple.) Here’s how it works:

Reward Existing Clients

Mary has been a loyal customer of yours for 8 years. You tell Mary that from now on when she dials in, she can use extension 1234. She does so the next time she calls and, voila! She’s addressed with a customized greeting created specifically for her and her business. She is then transferred to the appropriate party that you designate based on her extension. If nobody is there to answer, Mary even gets a personalized voicemail. Suddenly Mary has gone from just another customer to feeling like a VIP!

Impress New Clients

Now imagine you are meeting with a potential new client, Joe. Joe is testing the waters and considering several different companies for what he needs. He’s trying to decide what sets you apart from your competition. You tell Joe that he can count on superior customer support from you and your team and then provide him with his very own extension to use every time he calls. Guess what? You just blew your competition out of the water and landed a new client who is impressed with the incredible personalized service you offer.

An Added Bonus

Not only are you providing amazing personalized service to your customers, but now you have a way to track individual business interactions so you’ll know exactly how much business each client is driving. And the best part is it doesn’t cost anything extra! Why not give it a try today?

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 8:50 AM