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How a Virtual Business Can Compete with the Big Dogs

There’s a popular belief (or should I say myth) that virtual businesses don’t stand a chance in terms of competing with larger corporations. We’re happy to say that with the technological advancements we’ve seen over the past several years, this belief is fast becoming obsolete. Now any business has the opportunity to stand up against and successfully beat the competition, even if that business happens to be run out of the comfort of your living room. Here are just a few ways that you, as a virtual business, can be just as successful as your larger, brick and mortar competitors.

Believe in Yourself – Ok, I’ll admit - it sounds dreadfully cliché, but there is a lot of truth behind this theory when it comes to making your business succeed. Consider it a combination of confidence, bravado, optimism, fearlessness, and maybe even a little ego. The bottom line is, if you believe in your business and are confident that it will succeed, chances are it will.

Think Big and Be Creative – So what if it’s just you and a laptop behind your budding business? If you’re willing to think outside the box and be creative from time to time, you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve. Heck – I once heard of a virtual business owner who hired a handful of his friends and family just for an afternoon, to impress a potential client during a presentation. He was confident that he could get the job done, but wanted to portray an added level of trust to the client in order to seal the deal. Rule of thumb is this - just do what it takes to get it done.

Get a Professional Look – Just because you work out of your garage doesn’t mean your business image has to be just as raw. Take advantage of today’s technology and have a professional logo designed, get a website, order some business cards and get an 800 number. All of these things give potential clients the impression that they are dealing with a real, trustworthy business, which will help you stand up against the larger competition.

Hire a Virtual Assistant – Nowadays, it’s completely normal to have an executive assistant that is located across town, or even across the globe. With outsourcing services like oDesk and Elance, it’s simple to locate and hire a professional to handle your day to day tasks and help keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Create Your Own Virtual Company – Team up with other businesses in complementary fields that are also running virtual businesses to establish stronger, more robust networks. This is also a great way to increase business and get more leads.

These five things should get you on track to start digging in your heels and going after some of those bigger clients you may have thought were out of your league. And don’t forget to use all of the tools available to you, such as those we highlighted in our article Transitioning to a Virtual Office in 5 Easy Steps. With today’s technology and the shifting business model, the playing field is leveling and new opportunities are emerging for small, virtual businesses that were never available before. Don’t miss out!

posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 5:27 PM