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Effective Selling – Overcome Your Fear and Become a Sales Master

Some people could sell ice to an Eskimo or hay to a farmer. Unfortunately, not everyone has the inherent talent and, well, guts it takes to be a stellar salesperson. The fact remains that to be successful in small business, you have to effectively sell yourself, your products or your services. So what happens if you’re an absolute wiz at what you do, but haven’t a clue at how to deliver this information to prospects and land new clients? Here are 4 simple techniques to help you overcome your fear and become a master at closing the deal.

Get an Attitude Adjustment – One of the biggest hurdles would-be salespeople face is the idea that they have to be pushy in order to get the job done. If you’re one of these people, try adjusting your attitude to view yourself and your team as problem solvers, instead of a pushy sales force. Whatever the nature of your business, your products or services provide a solution to your customers’ needs; otherwise you wouldn’t still be afloat. Position yourself to communicate that solution to your prospects and you’ll win their business.

Ask the Right Questions – There’s a reason why people have two ears and one mouth. One of the keys to successfully closing a sale and landing a new client is carefully listening to your prospects. Ask the right questions to learn about their needs. Then you can offer them customized solutions. In addition to showing them the impact your business can have on their needs, it will also show prospects that you’re truly interested in them, and not just their wallets.

Identify a Need and Fill It – When you first started your business, you surely did research to determine whether there was, in fact, a need for your products or services. Selling involves the same strategy. When you take the time to learn what the needs are of your target market, you can develop a solution that will essentially sell itself. All of this before you even step foot in front of a potential client. You’ll be armed with knowledge and well prepared to overcome objections and convince your prospects that you can help them.

Step Back – The cold, hard truth is, not every prospect is going to turn into a paying customer. If, at the end of a meeting with a potential customer, you feel that you truly wouldn’t be a good fit, step back and disengage. If your services or products are of good quality, you shouldn’t have to chase people. Know when to walk away, for everyone’s sake, so you don’t create a negative association and potentially burn any bridges, closing the door to future opportunity.

Selling doesn’t have to be that dreadful task you continuously put off. To the contrary, if you put these simple tips into action, you can effectively and confidently engage your prospects, deliver your message and seal the deal to bring in new business.

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 12:12 PM