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5 Compelling Reasons to Go Paperless with Your Business

These days, it seems that everyone is jumping on the paperless bandwagon – and for good reason. Aside from the positive impact it has on the environment, and the tens of thousands of trees that can be saved by eliminating paper usage, there are a number of other benefits for your business to go paperless. Here are 5 compelling ones.

  • More Efficiency – When your team doesn’t have to constantly search for paperwork, they’ll be able to focus on more important things, like sales and making your business more successful.
  • Cost Savings – Going paperless saves you more than just the cost of paper (which, by the way, can cost around $40 per case). You’ll also save on the cost of equipment, like printers, toner and storage for all your paper documents.
  • Improved Customer Service – In a paperless environment, everything is available at the click of a button. This means faster response time which equates to improved customer service. Plus, your customers and prospects will be impressed by the professional mobile environment that you run your business in.
  • Faster Collections – Paper-based billing comes with inevitable delays – you’ll find yourself waiting for customers to receive your invoices, then send you a check. By switching to electronic billing, your receivables will be more streamlined, saving time and resulting in better cash flow for your business.
  • More Secure Backup – Storing paper can be risky. What happens if there’s a fire, flood or other disaster? Going paperless lets you maintain electronic documentation, which is inherently safer (provided that you take the appropriate backup precautions).

In short, making the switch to a paperless environment can be extremely beneficial for your business. Combine this with your virtual phone system and all of its innovative features and capabilities, and you’ll have your business mobile and streamlined in no time!

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 9:33 AM