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How to Take a Much-Needed Vacation

Summer will be here before we know it, but as a small business owner, you’re probably intimately familiar with the challenges of actually taking scheduled time off. We all need a vacation – especially stressed out, overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs. So before you have no choice but to take time off to recover from a nervous breakdown, here are a few helpful tips to get you on the road to rest and relaxation.

Plan Ahead and Communicate – Let your clients and employees know in advance when you’re planning on taking some time off so they are prepared. If your business is big enough, consider training a trusted employee to handle things in your absence and keep the ship afloat. Don’t forget to set your “out of office” email and phone message a few days before you head out, and set your call forwarding to have important calls delivered to your replacement for the days you will be gone.

Make a “Must-Do” List – It can be much less stressful to leave the helm of your business when your replacement has a detailed list of what must be done while you’re away. Prioritize a list of essential duties, in order of importance, and communicate clearly what you expect so there are no surprises to come back to or worse – to interrupt your much needed time off.

Customize Your Vacation to Meet Your Needs – Chances are you won’t get a ton of opportunities to take time off, so make the most of it when you do. Figure out exactly what you want to get out of your vacation and plan accordingly. For instance, if it’s rest and relaxation you need to recharge your batteries, consider a luxury cruise or a beach retreat, rather than a busy or action-packed tour.

Schedule Your Vacation Around Your Business Cycle – Obviously this is much easier to do if you run a seasonal business, like a ski resort, because you always know ahead of time when your slowest time is. You can still schedule your time off to coincide with your business cycle even if your calendar isn’t as cut and dry, however. Just figure out what time of year you would be most comfortable not being present, and which times you simply must be there (like tax season), and plan accordingly. 

Taking a vacation may seem like an unattainable luxury when you’re running a busy business, but it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, time off can actually make you more successful, because it allows you to recharge and clear your head, so you can start fresh when you return. Follow these four tips and you’ll be enjoying that much needed rest before you know it. Cheers!

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posted by Rebecca Daneault @ 5:26 PM